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For a century and a half, people from all over the world have come through the port of Kobe, for work or pleasure, and decided to make this their home. There’s a saying in Kansai, “Get a Kyoto education, get a job in Osaka, but come home to Kobe.” Expatriates living in Kobe, with over 120 different nationalities, certainly agree.

Come see why, on a WalkKOBE tour. Though only 30 minutes by train from Osaka, Kobe can offer something Osaka can’t: stunning natural beauty, visible even from the heart of downtown. Nestled between towering mountains and a peaceful seaside, this is a city that people from all over the world love being a part of. We think you’ll easily understand why.

Kobe is more than just what it’s famous for: jazz, coffee, sweets, and beef -- it’s a community you can experience being a part of.

WalkKOBE Tours: Come Discover KOBE

We live here because we love this city, and want to show you what it is we love. Our tours are small groups (usually up to 8 people) and led by a local guide who will bring you into their Kobe. Even people who live here will probably discover a hidden gem or two tucked away in plain sight.

Walk Kobe tour
Half or one day tour, exploring lesser visited spots in the city center. A guide will walk you around for half or one day - usually won’t be using public transportation-so wear comfortable shoes.

Bar Hopping (Night Surfing) tours are good for people who enjoy being on their feet and the local night life.

Our Tours & Experience

Enjoy unique experience in Kobe like you live in Kobe.

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This tour is not only for drinking, eating but also for enjoying the conversation with Kobe’s people and an atmosphere.





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