Workshop: Japanese paper lantern (AKARINE)

Updated: Jul 5, 2019

Would you like make a floor lamp that makes you feel calm and warm?

Akarine is not just the name of the lamp, but also the feeling that it brings when experiencing it. Akarine directly translates as "light and sound". Traditionally, people would sit around the warming lights, chat and enjoy drinking some Nihonshu (Japanese sake) late into the evening.

With this unique tour, you can learn how to make one of these beautiful and heart warming lamps, something that most visitors to Japan rarely get to experience.

Yukiya Nakano has the knowledge, skill and passion for making Akarine and has been making these lamps for over 20 years. With one of our tour guides to act as interpreter, you too can learn from Nakano-san, who would love to share his story in the comfortable and friendly environment of his workshop. The frame is made from wooden sticks wound and bent into interesting shapes by Nakano-san and you will use traditional "washi" (high quality Japanese paper) which comes in a wide variety of colors and shades.

After making the lamp, sip some Nihonshu, beer or shochu and chat and enjoy the atmosphere surrounded by other Akarine that Nakano-san has made. As evening sets in and the alcohol takes hold, these beautiful lanterns take on an enchanting form, like staring into a campfire. Once the tour is over, of course you can take the lamp home with you as a great souvenir or even a unique gift for someone special.


time:17:00-19:00 every Wed

fee: 6500 yen~(Including instructor fee, material fee and one drink)

meeting point: Kasuganomichi Station

capacity: 3 persons


A small workshop for making Japanese lights.


Meeting place: Hankyu Kasuganodo Station


Kasuga no Michi Station is one station from Sannomiya Station to the east.

In the south, there is the Kasugano Shopping Street, a local station with many small restaurants.

We walk 5 minutes north of this station.

Along the way there are also small restaurants and an old cake shop. You can probably see the livelihoods of the locals while walking.

Artist Yukiya is a friendly man. He prepares all the lamp materials himself.

The production time of the lamp is 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Enjoy the time surrounded by lights after you make the lamp.

The lamp you made can be taken home. This souvenir should be a wonderful memory of your journey.